I began working in television at the ripe age of twelve on Nickelodeon’s cult classic ‘You Can’t Do That On Television’, then graduated to the writing team at sixteen - giving me loads of experience acting and writing for television with little to no life skills. So I doubled down and went to film school.

Since graduating from Ryerson University’s film program, I have directed in nearly every medium – from broadcast television, to music videos, to documentary films, commercials, and branded content.

Because I’m an actor myself, I speak the actor’s language – and I know how to communicate and create a safe container for both actors and non-actors so they can relax and enjoy the process.

I understand ‘story’ and how best to transmit the essence of a story, from my lifelong passion for writing and my work as an editor.

And I have a very hands-on and collaborative approach to the aesthetic and creation of the Image, whatever the genre.

I like to deliver ease, purpose, creativity and fun to every project.

What people Have to Say...

Adam went the extra mile to have the right people involved and delivered a great product that the client and creative team are really excited about.

Kim Billan (Agency Producer DDB) | Servus Credit Union campaign

Our film is fully experiential. Adam’s ability to tell a story is as powerful as the elders in a clan.

Suzanne Dimma (Editor-in-Chief “House and Home”) | The Essence of Things

Even through the veil of fiction, you feel like you're witnessing real-life characters changing their lives - a credit to Reid’s direction.

Brian D. Johnson (Maclean’s Magazine) | Sheltered Life

Superb. Adam Greydon Reid’s “Dancing in the Flames” is a wise and uplifting work of art.

The C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology, New York | Marion Woodman: Dancing in the Flames

Customers have come into our store because they saw our film and wanted to talk to us, to continue the conversation that was started in Adam’s film.

David Greig and Sheri Wildhagen (Owners Wildhagen Wear) | Wildhagen

I love the art, the mixing of dreams and vision, interview and poetry – it captures Marion’s essence perfectly. A truly wonderful film.

Eve Ensler, creator of “The Vagina Monologues” | Marion Woodman: Dancing in the Flames

In this luscious, fantastic film we get to experience the courageous journey of one of the wisest women of our time.

Elizabeth Lesser, author, co-founder The Omega Institute | Marion Woodman: Dancing in the Flames

The work you are doing in the film mentorship program is remarkable. It’s hard to imagine a better support system for these youth as they develop the skills and self-confidence to become truly self-sufficient.

Jennifer Morris – General Manager, Eva’s Phoenix | Sheltered Life

Collaborating with BullRush Pictures from concept to delivery helped us stretch into new inventive and imaginative arenas and produce a series of funny and engaging films that will have a lasting impact on IBM’s culture.

Robin Ashmore (Director of the Learning Center) | IBM